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The response for membership has been so incredible that we had to add some pages to display all the pictures of the new members and their profiles! Praise The Lord and Prince Victor Diamond and his Sacred Truths!


Candidate #12

Name: Greg Alexander

Age: 30 something

Hometown: Loch Lerrsmont, Scotland

Attire: Usually a suit, white shirt, tie and an overcoat

What I did before joining: Worked as a Inspector for the London Police Dept. Got turned down for promotion one time too many and decided to bunk it for the States and a job with the NYPD

Role within the group: You could say I am the "Enforcer"

How I joined: Those NYPD blokes put me doing traffic stops and looking for narcotics. I stopped a stretch limo with my drug sniffing dog and met this nice chap wearing a purple robe. He explained to me why my life had been some unfufilling and meaningless and invited me to join up.

Goals and Aspirations in the New World: To help mold the glorious future and stamp out crime in the New World.

Thoughts on group life:  I like it...reminds me of my years in boarding school...all jolly hockeysticks

Hobbies: Reading Ann Rule books and watching Court TV


Candidate #13 (but not unlucky!)

Name: Joe Smith

Age: 35

Hometown: Parkersburg, West Virginia

Attire:  Well usually I wears my mining overalls cuz I usually end up pretty grubby by the end of the day.

What I did before joining: Jest look at my picture up there....I used to work the heavy machinery down in the coal mine but the doctors said that my black lung was getting worse so I took up landscaping.

Role within the group: I am the one that mows the grass and what takes care of the yard work now.

How I joined: Got called up here on a landscaping order. Seems like this Prince Victor didn't like the bushes on the front lawn. Said they were the wrong type or something and he wanted all the grass changed to Kentucky Red Fescue from Bermuda. So as I was working doing this stuff this Prince Victor started laying the Truth on me.

Goals and Aspirations in the New World: Well sir, I just wants the same things as here, keep the lawn mowed, trees trimmed and the bushes fertilized, oh and obey Prince Victor, he is Jesus you know.

Thoughts on group life: It's good, just like being in a coal mining camp but with better grub and no bedbugs bunking with you.

Hobbies: Whats that?

Candidate #14

Name: Robert L. Schott

Age: In my 50's

Hometown: Sioux City, Iowa

Attire: A suit and tie from the Gents collection at J. C. Penneys.

What I did before joining: I was the president of the Second National Bank of Endsville, NY.

Role within the group: Financial advisor and assistant under comptroller for the funds of this Sacred assemblage.

How I joined: I was busily warming the pew one morning at the First Assembly of Methodic Doofus's when Prince Victor came to give a speech about the coming apocalypse and I  could see he needed a good financial advisor

Goals and Aspirations in the New World: I plan on being president of the first bank post-Comet

Thoughts on group life: Well that has taken me a bit of getting adjusted to. Its about like going to Rotary Club weekends away.

Hobbies: I have a awesome set of H O scale model trains



Candidate #15

Name: Would rather not say as I am a wanted man.

Age: 38

Hometown: Charm City, Maryland

Attire: Once I wore a suit and tie daily but I really prefer jeans or kaikis and a sweatshirt. Stripes make me nervious.

What I did before joining the group: I was a police officer for many years till I suddenly snapped one day and did something not so good. Spent a lot of time fly fishing and then took up residence in a very unpleasant place. Fortunately being tall I was able to scale the wall and escape easily.

Role within the group: Nothing much at the moment, lots of fly fishing again and comtemplating the nature of good and evil and the Zen-ness of life.

How I joined: When I was living in the bad place this man wearing a purple robe came to visit all of us living there and he made a lot of sense. Plus he offered to hide me out as long as I needed.

Goals and Aspirations in the New World: To be free of my inner demons and to be loved, same as it always was.

Thoughts on group life: Group life is good even if it reminds me of the bad place.

Hobbies: Self-doubts and inner torment...oh, and fly fishing