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We here at the Knights of Yahweh are always on the lookout for a few good men or women. Those than understand it is more important to sacrifice self on the altar of tomorrow than it is to live as though you were King of the Universe. Divest your paltry belongings and join our sacred assemblage as we count down the time to the new and glorious Utopian future. We offer a life-style rivaled by no other fringe sect in America right now. We live in a luxurious mansion, have constant sex with the most attractive models you can imagine and we are led by the most handsome, intelligent, wonderful, rich and all around great guy, Prince Victor Diamond......

If that's not reason enough to join us, ask yourself the following questions....

Do you look good in black?

Enjoy wearing a uniform?

Enjoy the company of beautiful super-models?

Feel the need to sacrifice self for the good of the many?

 Admire handsome, smart billionaires?

Are you looking for the ultimate in father figures?

Enjoy palatial living conditions?

Dislike the person you have become and seek to "better" yourself?

Enjoy looking down upon those with no understanding of the important things in life?


If you can answer yes to three or more of these questions then perhaps there is a place in our group for you for all eternity.