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Our favorite link to Regis and Kathie Lee - Prince Victor Diamond had the pleasure of being a guest on the "Live With Regis and Kathie Lee" show recently and there are even rumors going about that Kathie Lee has been spotted lurking about our compound the in the days following the show.

The homepage for some of our beautiful members - all 200 of our beautiful female members showing off their attributes to their best advantage.

How you will die - Let others of weaker minds believe in such childish stories as Biblical floods but we KNOW the truth and you should too!

Our sacred leader - As William Fichtner is a superior actor, more successful and better looking than Kyle Secor, so Prince Victor Diamond is superior in every way to the Reverend Caleb Solar

Our home - See the company that our beautiful mansion is a direct result of. All Hail Tony The Tiger......

Our favorite film - This movie is a particular favorite of Prince Victor's. He loves to watch the beatings

Our hometown - Endsville, New York. Where it all started!

Our favorite social club - A good place to unwind and contemplate sacrificing unwanted self.           

Our despicable adversary - The lunatic ravings of Caleb Solar and his demented followers.

Caleb Solar has yet another site of Koreshian splendor.

One of Calebs sick followers take on the Bible - Everyone knows that the Bible is an endless round of fairy tales, not the truth.

Our theme song - No explanation necessary!

An Amusing Site of Wrongness of Thinking! - Every type of false idol and false teaching abides at this particular site.

Our Favorite Vacation Spot - Victor especially loves the post-schlussing hot tub.

Favorite Cowboys - Get along little Doggy! Yeeee Haww!

Foremost leader in research on this planet - Columbus was wrong and so was Gallelio!

Reliable Predictions of the future from the Anti-Iron Chef.

Rat Porn - Prince Victor Diamond's favorite television show about cops and justice.

Love Shack - Finest marital aids of all time!