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Worship Songs of the KoY

Stanley Sloss here, I am the 1st Lieutenant in the Knights of Yahweh and I would like to take a moment to tell you about our nightly worship services so you can get an idea of what to expect when you visit. Know how hard it is the first time you visit a new faith, not knowing what's happening, when to kneel, when to sit or even just what in the hell is going on. Well, we want you to feel comfortable with us so Prince Victor Diamond suggested I sort of run down what happens in our group. So without further ado...


First thing is that we get called into the "Temple of Yahweh" by the ringing o of the Sacred Gongs and Bells. These bells are specially blessed by Prince Victor and were hand-made by blind Tibetan Monks and they are specially tuned to the cosmic vibrations.

The members file into the Temple, two by two in their sacred black robes until all are standing in front of the "Sacred Oracle" on the "Altar of Destiny" All members must show the proper reverence to the "Sacred Oracle" by bowing to it three times every time they pass near.

After turning their palms heavenward (to show reverence to Yahweh and urge the coming of the Holy Comet) the service begins in earnest. Since we believe that raising our voices in song may perhaps be offensive to Yahweh, we hum our songs with the accompaniment of the Sacred Bells and Gongs (Because bronze bells and gongs are mentioned as "soothing" to Yahweh in the Bible)

Then one of us in the Higher Echelon of the Knights of Yahweh stands up and gives an accounting of that day's group activities and reasons for rejoicing. .

This leads directly to a teaching by Prince Victor Diamond on that divine day leading to our entrance into a continuum of ecstasy caused by a total intertwinement with Yahweh (Better than any experience or climax available on this plane of existence, unimaginable!)  Prince Victor Diamond usually stares deeply into the Sacred Oracle, gleaning the Will of Yahweh from the undulating loops and twists of the mysterious and divine as he caresses his pendant, his sacred pendant.

Victor's Pendant

 Only Prince Victor has the Gifting of Discernment to discover the Will of Yahweh and the proper response of the Body.


We also know that Yahweh's spirit is poured forth on the earth in the form of rainwater, on the righteous and unrighteous alike. By passing a full chalice of rainwater and so partaking of it, the Holy Spirit of Yahweh may enter us and live through us.


We start chanting, " OH Mighty Yahweh!, Let us live at the ends of ourselves" as the "Articles of Faith" are passed about among us. Everyone is required to show righteous love to the Articles by kissing and caressing them as they are moved among the Body.



After the the Spirit of Yahweh enters us, we all do as the Spirit leads us, allowing Yahweh to do as he pleases. This is our ultimate sacrifice unto Yahweh, having him live through our bodies irregardless of our own desires.........