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First Lieutenant of the KOY, and second in command under Prince Victor, is Stanley Sloss.  This former airborne ranger is a highly decorated war hero.  He once saved an entire regiment single-handedly using only dental floss and his bare hands during the Tet offensive.  His loyalty to Prince Victor is even deeper than his loyalty to his country.


Leticia Lerchmond is the webmaster here at the Knights of Yahweh.  She has known Prince victor for years.  She gave up a successful career as a Wall Street stockbroker to follow the sacred ways of the truth.


Ira Birnbaum  gave up a successful career as Hollywood agent to become Victor's third in command.  Of all the members, he sacrificed the most to become a member of our sacred assemblage.  He walked away from a lifestyle of the rich and famous, fraught with sex, drugs and rock and roll.


Laetitia Casta, former model for all the top fashion houses of Paris.  She walked away from the glamorous world of a supermodel as soon as Prince Victor Diamond explained the Truth.