"color black","group life","sacrifice","psychic","humming","disvest","lava lamps","Intech","comet","role","fantasy" "I think about lil designer cocktail dresses and I feel good! Makes me wanna go out drinking and flirt.","Depends upon the group and how nice the accommedations are. Are we talking champagne and massueses or trailers and macaroni n cheese here?","Every frigging day when I get up out of bed and have to do the husband's stinky laundry and I am not too fond of it but I am fond of him.","7? Sometimes, depends if it involves money.","Sweet Dreams, Walkin After Midnight, Amazing Grace and YOu Outa Know...","I am double-jointed and have many interesting material possessions such as weird things from around the world.","Think they are most hypnotic and relaxing and actually have one in my bedroom.","Don't like the idea at all!!! If God had wanted chickens with two head He woulda made more than just the few down at the carnival freakshows.","It will be sudden and confusing and probably quite painful for everyone except those in the know.","Same as in this world, spend my husband's fortune down to the last dime and pleasure only myself.","Involves a baseball game, a bat, some cotton candy and a certain player." "I see a red door and I want to paint it black,,,,makes me feel nothing, an empty void..","FIne as long as I am on top","Once I remembered to put down the toilet seat for my old lady","3, because it rhymes with pee","Satisfaction and Brown Sugar","My Harley and one slightly used old lady","They are groovy man","As in better buds? I'm all for that","I plan on bringing about the apocalypse like I am stirring a big ole pot of beans","plan on bashing some heads and chuggin some brewskis ","Something I dreamed about the other night involved two chicks from the Motorcycle Today magazine and a quart of Pennzoil" "Black is ok with me!","It's not a great idea. I guess I am a square for saying that.","I get up at 5 am every morning and drag my butt on a two hour one way commute into the city to work hard for my family.","69, for obvious reasons. no, not to my knowledge.","Inagaddavida, don't you know that I love you....","Speak Russian and German fluently and I kept all my baseball cards from when I was a kid","THey're cool!","Don't know much about it.","sorry, I don't seen any visions","sex toy","PLaying professional baseball for a living..." "It's depressing and it makes me feel horny","sound kinky to me","My boyfriends roommate was acting like an asshole so I left and dumped him for the greater good of mankind.","69, oh yes!","The Thong Song","my vast menagerie, my beautiful body and my vast sexual appetite.","They make me horny","it's kinky","Lots of sex","being the one having the most sex","I wanna be in the middle of a large orgy and it makes me feel happy" "Warm?","That kinda depends on who is in the group","I ran naked down the street during a game of Truth or Dare when I was a kid, and I felt great","19 I am seriously psychic......","You name it, I'll sing it","What the hell are they??","Okay, you are totally weirding me out here......","I'm leaving now....","What the fuck are you on about??","Being alive??","I want to make love on a trampoline wearing nothing but a pair of thigh high leather boots. It makes me feel sexy" "It's dark. I like it. I look good in it.","Depends on who's in the group.","Huh?","You tell me. Nope.","Any song I know, and that's lots. I was a music major.","Not many posessions but I'm a hard worker and I get along well with most others.","Sort of groovy.","There's not enough room on the page for that.","Why don't you tell me since you know it all.","Any role I choose.","Like I'm gonna tell you." "Love it","Hate it","Not a chance","9. You betcha","","","","","","","" "","","","","","","","","","","" "good, death is my only comfort","its all good baby","this kid stole something at school and i said i did it,,,i dont feel good because she was a shit eater","35.5 yes, i can talk to the dead","yes","being mental, beautiful, and i give great head","im jealous of them","fuck that shit","peace and harmony for all","being woshiped like the goddess i am","i have to shave something to share" "i like it","i like it","i killed a goat to save a life and i liked it","5, no","all of them","my cat","lovely","lovely","i beleive in quellish","to make babies","to have sex with lots of men at the same time" "","","","","","","","","","","" "I hate having to separate black clothes and wash them separately in cold water. Pain in the ass. Good thing *all* my clothes are black...","Depends... will we be sharing expenses?","I volunteered to answer phones for a public television fund drive once, sacrificing four hours of my life to bring ""Lord of the Dance"" to all the underprivileged rednecks in the south. Like I wasted four hours. ","666 I'm sorry, what was the second question?","Any and all by Black Sabbath.","""The Book of Lies"" by Aleister Crowley, and all the Harry Potter books. My extensive knowledge of WWII German Desert Warfare.","I think the ones at Spencer's Gifts are too expensive.","The thought of anyone cloning George W. Bush scares the hell out of me...","The apocalypse will manifest itself when the Republican party is thrust back into power in November. Well, I really only have Dave Grohl and Chris Novoselic to consider now that Kurt Cobain is dead, don't I?","Lady McBeth. ","To be typing this on a Macintosh G4 instead of this shitty PC. Poor." "","","","","","","","","","","" "","","","","","","","","","","" "Its nice. Makes me feel like a pumpkin.","It can be fun.","Im a mean person, i cant think of any. Pretty bad ..","1279. Occasionally","I can hum many songs tunefully","I can fix all kinds of computers.","They're funky.","They can be pretty fun.","There shall be a great flood, and the chosen ones shall be presented with a land of great pleasure.","I can be the handy man","It involves my girlfriend. Very happy." "I love black. I wear it all the time. It makes me feel good.","I love group living. You never get lonely.","Ummmm....What?","Your thinking of 7. Yes I have.","I can hum every song I know tunefully. Except boy bands and Britney Spears because I hate them.","My black cat and I can hum any song tunefully while, yes thats right, while I play the guitar. ","I love lava lamps. I have one in my room.","I think its OK if it is only used for good.","I think you should tell me since you are so clairvoyant. ","Anything I can do to help.","I dont think so. When you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine." "","","","","","","","","","","" "","","","","","","","","","","" "","","","","","","","","","","" "","","","","","","","","","","" "","","","","","","","","","","" "Black is ok, I suppose","I'd want to know who was in the group first","Why?","19. The psychic woman next to me told me to say that.","Anything you can name, I'm a trained musician","I can act, sing, play almost any instrument, and, according to the woman sat next to me, I am a great kisser","Weird","Why?","I know where I want to be.....","Doing what I am right now","My deepest fanttasy is what I did yesterday afternoon, and it made me feel great." "Its just a colour.","Many of the Apostles did it, I see now real problems with it.","I help those less fortunate than myself whenever I can. I enjoy doing it.","Once I did yes, now that I have left the teachings of Satan I have no abilities.","Jewish Psalms more than anything.","The Truth of Yahweh, his son and his word.","They are pretty.","Its bad, Life is for Yahweh to work with, not mere humans.","I see nothing for the chosen ones in nirvana, the place doesn't exist. The 144,000 chosen servants of Christ will be resurrected into heaven, all others of humanity resurrected will be resurrected onto a new earth, after the old one has been destroyed.","What every Yahweh decrees for me.","To serve Yahweh with all my heart and have everybody else do so as well, but his way, not the ways of man." "The color black? You're kidding, right? It KICKS ASS!","""Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups"" That being said, I would rather live with Al Gore.","The greater good? What kind of bullshit are these people into? I would never sacrefice myself for other people. That's just stupid","You're not thinking of a number, you just want to mess with my head. Psychic abilites? Oh please, we are *sooooo* not going there. I don't feel like having flashbacks right about now.","I couldn't hum a tune! Are you insane!? I can't sing at *ALL*!","No possessions, all of my stuff that's on the floor of my room, is *my* stuff. No one from some dumb-ass shit like this is gonna take my stereo. Talents? Ask other people about that! ","I think this is a stupid question, though cleverly, someone had really asked if I get high all the time. Answer: No, I don't go to field (it's boring)!","I think you people need to quit it with the stupid, and seriouslyfuckedup questions. You wanna screw with my DNA? Go ahead, if I don't kill you're muthafuckinass first!","I think I'm gonna die in a long time, so I really don't give a shit about the ""Apocalypse""! Nirvana? Dude! I don't want to talk about Kurt Cobain anymore!","I'm the ruler of the freakin world already! Why should things change?","Deepest fantasy? Have you gone fucking insane? This is such a wrong question, I refuse to answer it." "Sliming, sexy, Dangerous","How do you feel about getting your teeth drilled","","5","row row row your boat","An ability to except others as they are","I'd like to see one that worked","bad","We will all be at peace when we die, and there are no chosen ones because everyone is","To provide comfort and serinity","To know the true meaning of death, It makes me feel there is a meaning to all of this" "The color black provokes a since of power in me. It makes me feel strong.","I am a very social person and group living appeals to me very much. ","I needed sergery on my ankle and instead of having it done and missing a cheerleading competition, I did without it. My squad went to regionals and we won 1st place in our division. we will go to nationals in march 2001.","7, sometimes i have dreams of things like people dying and a man with dark hair with his head cut off and empaled by a stick in the wood, whenever i have these dreams, something changes. Sometimes it will rain, one time my friend got in a wreck, and another time my uncle died. Another time, while i was at work, a cherokee indian came in. I was behind the counter and i said, "" i just can't wait to get out off here."" The man said something in Cherokee and before he could even interpret what he had told me, i knew what he said and had said it out loud. ""it comes when it comes."" Although i am 1/3 Cherokee indian, I was never taught anything about the language and very little about the culture. ","ode to joy, minuet, amazing grace, just about anything with a pretty tune","I'm very musical, outgoing, and once I finish my high school education, I plan to go to college to be a midwife (with a 3.857 gpa, I dont think I'll have any problems getting a scholarship).","I have red one an my table in front of my bed","I think that it is wrong and people shouldn't try to play God, that is why I want to be a midwife. I want to stress the importance of a totally natural childbirth.","The most that i know about the coming apocalypse is what i have read in the Bible in the book of revelation.","I'm not quite sure.","My deepest fantasy is to live in a perfect world. No desease, no pain, no hurt, no tears. I wish to live in a place where everyone helps and loves one another." "Warm and secure, wrapped in black velvet.","With the right group, it could be heaven.","I gave of myself in a community crisis. Grateful that I could do something (and a little woozy.)","69. Alas, only rarely.","Any I once hear. ","A nimble mind and a limber body, along with several art quilts and a soothing water fountain.","Groovy, man.","As a molecular biologist who has studied telomerase, splicing and now works with fruit ripening genes, I believe that the future of the world will be improved by biogenetics.","The atmosphere boiling away, the very rock melting as Sol swallows Terra. Then the Chosen Ones shall cavort in flowered fields and dine on ambrosia in Nirvana. (Luckily, I like cavorting and ambrosia.)","To serve my fellow Chosen Ones.I a","*blush* No, I fear I cannot write it here, but I could whisper it in your ear." "the color black to me represent beauty of the unknown. Knowledge and beliefs are stored in the darkness of black.","to personal.","when I spend time and energy teaching other about the blessings (sight, wisdom, knowledge) of the Almighty Yahweh, I fell as if I pleased Him and made Him proud of me.un","until I read this question, none. No.","fly like an eagle.","the spirit of truth.","nothing","nothing","total dissapointment and many lost ones. The chosen ones....Bliss.","teacher of truth.","to be a peace and one the Father. BLISSFUL AND COMPLETE." "","","","","","","","","","","" "rich and warm","I like it","I've let people ahead of me in line before","4","most any song","my smile, a great hair","eehh,","don't knock it 'till ya tried it","lots of oooooooooh's","the pretty girl standing over there","Sleep, he alludes me like a distainfull lover"