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Founded in 1973 by a disfrocked Franciscan Friar named Brother Cephus. The Brothers of the Cloth believe in taking the words of Saint Francis literally to their ultimate simplicity. They live in a gigantic tree-house constructed entirely out of scavenged materials and dress in the tattered cast-off garments of the nearby Fransician Mission. They divide their waking hours between loudly weeping for the sins of the fallen world and begging for food and money. All members renounce reading and education, referring to themselves as "idiota" Sometimes they raise funds for their group by doing as Saint Francis did, smearing themselves with pig dung and showing up on the doorsteps of  different churches, shaming them into donating to the Brothers of the Cloth. When they do manage to get their hands on a sum of money, they give it all away at such a madcap rate that the townspeople fear they are mad.



Led by Ala Fawt-Wah El Abin, they roam the wasteland of the Mojave Desert as did the early desert hermits in Egypt, devoting themselves to constant prayer, fasting and rigorous self denial. They survive on peyote buttons, cacti and urine, they sleep under rocks during the heat of the day and wander prayerfully during the night as they believe the nighttime is when the majority of all sin is committed. The Princes of the Faith are a spin-off of the Muslim faith and believe that Allah will smite the earth with a plaque of toads before exploding the sun into a super-nova. Only they will enter Mecca and live forever. Everyone else will spend eternity as a creature of the damned.



These escapist malcontents were formed in 1899 by the remnants of Rebbe Scholmo Beernbaums faithful of Cedar Rapids, Iowa combining with the remains of the unsuccessful Amish community of Ponca CIty, Oklahoma. Not only do they shun all contact with the outside world but the members shun from all contact with each other as well. All members are required to wear black boxes over their heads and the only time they are permitted to touch is during the reproductive duties of each. They believe that the end of the world will be presaged by the appearance of the Messiah in Las Vegas, triggering massive earthquakes destroying all but the Yahwehs Brethren.



Started by that Anti-Semite Martin Luther, enough said....



Claims to have a Prophetic gift. He has accurately predicted Princess Diana's death, the crash of TWA Flight 800, the Oklahoma City bombing, key dates in the CLinton Sex Scandal and many  other things. Sollog GUARANTEES nuclear terrorism is about to hit Jerusalem and spread worldwide killing all but Sollog and his followers. Sollog is considered by his followers to be the Risen Christ. Interestingly enough, many of the tragedies he predicted have occurred in a straight line from Seattle Washington to Montserrat in the Carribean and it includes the Jon Benet Ramsey murder, Versace murder, Comlumbine High, the Oklahoma City bombing, earthquakes in Seattle and Volcanic activity in Montserrat. Sollog claims this line of tragedy was created by God to give a final warning to the USA before it is totally destroyed by nuclear terrorism.