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Dr. Suzzy Freud here! Yes, yes I have managed to sneak myself onto the Knights of Yahweh website. A million thanks to Martha Smith! You are an evil genius! All Hail Martha! Since I started treating Victor several weeks ago I have uncovered many unusual things about the Knights of Yahweh and will be chronicling my findings on this page as I dig into Victor's psyche. It should be an interesting trip. I was originally called in to consult with Victor because he was having difficulty sleeping and his second in command witnessed him having some sort of episode (most likely a panic attack) one day during their sacred rituals. The reason I was selected to see Prince Victor Diamond is due to the fact that I am not a local, but an outsider and less likely to gossip to the Endsville residents about his "condition". HA! If they only knew I am about to expose him to the world!

He seems so confident and sure but this merely masks deep-seated insecurities. Why else all the massive over-achievement? His resume strikes me as a desperate attempt to inflate his own ego against the relentless inner demons that constantly berate him, telling him that he is Less-Than-Zero. Sometimes the very people that seem the most self-confident are in actuality the least confident at all. Their attitude of near arrogance masks a lowly inner self - a Grand Illusion....

Today after I was finished with Prince Victor Diamonds session I wandered the ground of this hellish place and started talking to the members. After plying them with Jaegermeister and  other substances I administered my  " test and came up with the most  interesting results. 



Caleb Has The Last Laugh !


Webmaster Martha Smith from the DOoFS site has successfully infiltrated the inner sanctum of Prince Victor Diamond and she has some amazing tales to tell.  


Webmistress Leticia Lerchmond of the Knights of Yahweh here. I caught those silly       DOoFS at it again but rather than delete their demented ravings on our site, we voted and decided to leave it all in place so that you could see what blind folly they labor under. Why they are so unable to see the light and follow the Sacred Ways of Prince Victor Diamond I cannot the way that despicable Dr. Freud tried to join the KoY but we kicked her out. All she did was stir up trouble and foment rebellion among the members, but what else do you expect from someone that claims they became a head-shrinker to be pay to mess with other peoples minds. The last we saw of her and her stinky cigars and mannish suits, she was heading for the Canadian border with a Rabbi, Priest, Zen Monk and a Sioux Medicine Man in tow. Sick, sick woman!



AP Wire - today it was announced by Stanley Sloss of the Knights of Yahweh that the famed director, Francie Fordham Coppollia will be arriving shortly in Endsville NY to make a film starring their organization.  Expectations are high in the film world that such a film would sweep the awards at Cannes and Sundance since it is common knowledge that Prince Victor Diamond has an incredible presence that should translate to film quite well. Mr. Sloss denies the rumors that the only reason the project was undertaken was in response to a similar development with the rival Endsville fringe-sect the Divine Order of Faithful Servants. A Mr. Ivy Vaughn is filming the DOoFS at this time.

Ivy and his crew