Worship Songs
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Worship Songs of the KoY


For humming purposes only, you are supposed to think the lyrics in your mind as you hum the tunes as this is the most pleasing to God!



Victor, the light of Your wisdom is shining, In the midst of the darkness shining.

Prince Victor Diamond, Light of the World shine upon us. Set us free by the truth You now bring us......Shine on me,  Shine on me...

Shine, Diamond, Shine,,,,,Fill this land with the Father's words.

Blaze, Comet, Blaze,,,,set our world on fire.

Flow, Lava, Flow,,,,flood our minds with the Sacred Truths,,,send forth your word




We bring the sacrifice of self, onto the Altar of the Greater Good.

We bring the sacrifice of body, into the Temple of the Ages.

And we offer everything to You, the sacrifices of the flesh, spirit and mind.

And we offer the entire earth as a burning offering to You!




Watch out, Here comes some nasty weather.                            Kooks and crazies, Somebody wake the pastor.

Why  didn't you listen to victor!

Burnin down the world...

Guess what? You're afterlife is over.                                         Not nice. Hell's got some nasty weather.

We just went and pissed God off!

Burnin down the world...

The Ten Commandments first appeared when Moses brought those tablets down.                                                                                He made  the rules pretty clear, Love your neighbor, Mom and Dad and don't swear when you get mad, and don't piss God off.


God's creation                                                                                           It's such a Holy Pyre                                                                                            Won't stop now                                                                                                               On with the cleansing fire.




I like to dream, yes, yes about flying around in a comet so mean

When a big orange ball appears Victor says the time is right

The Comet draws near to clean the earth and bring us home

Utopia is right behind! why don't you come with me boys and girls on a magic comet ride.

Utopia's got a space for you, why don't you take a trek with me beam us up Scotty we'll visit ET.

Grab a ride girl, say goodbye world, let the comet take you awaaaaaaaay!

Last night I packed a travel sack said goodbye on video tape.

Well you won't know if you stay behind, why don't you come with me cyber geek on a magic comet ride.

Follow Victor and you will see....