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These are the sickest of the various fringe sects about and they base their entire belief system on some lesser known theories of Freidrich Nietzsche , his posits existence of "Super Models" Here is a short explanation of the genesis of their belief system.

The late German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsch, student of Schoepenhauer, contemporary of Wagner, and famed hairdresser, is being discussed throughout the international scholarly community today, following the English translations of his works, "Beyond Cute and Perky" (1876), "Gorgeous, All-Too-Gorgeous" (1878) and the opus "Thus Spake ClaudiaSchiffera" (1883-91). In the last of these works, he posits the notion of invincible, unattainable "Uber-models" or "Super-models" representing the human form in its most elevated and self-glorifying state.

The noted aphorist and madman passionately decried the so-called "slave morality" of traditional Christianity in favor of a new, heroic morality requiring absolute adherence to impossible standards of superficial physical perfection. Ruling as dominatrices over the new society Nietzsche envisioned is a new breed of visually stunning OVerwomen, whose "Will to Glamour" would place them atop mighty pedestals, far above the inferior "herd" of plain-looking common humanity.

Although the works are earning great renoun, some fear Nietzsche's ideas may one day be misunderstood and used to justify terrible atrocities.

Nietzsche also further theorized that modern times would see the total destruction of all religion and celebrities would be worshiped as "Gods", a total "Cult of Personality" as expressed by the current day "Elvis" and "Back Street Boys" fixations culminating in a celebrity-sacrificial ritual eventually. As a celebrity falls from favor, he or she will be pulled into an arena situation (sort of like the early Christians being fed to the lions by the Romans) and rapidly dispatched to the Great Beyond. Perhaps the right to deliver the killing blow could be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Good thing for Pee-Wee Herman and Robert Downey Jr. that this has not come to pass. But as evil like Entertainment Tonight, NBC and The Jerry Springer Show flourish in American this becomes closer and closer to reality every day.


Damballah's Disciples

This group is based out of the Tangipahoa Swamps of Southern Louisiana. Formed by the remnants of of Marie Laveau's faithful VooDoinnes after they were run out of Congo Square in New Orleans by the rival VooDoo faction headed by Dr. John they settled in the nearby swamps across the Causeway that spans Lake Ponchatrain. This group believes their God takes the form of a snake during their worship and they all seek to handle the snake after first preparing themselves with rum and licking the backs of cane toads to invoke "visions" from Daballah, the Snake God. Routinely sacrifice alligators on the altar made of bones and each service ends with the high priestess chosing a male follower to bed on the altar in front of witnesses.


Devotees of Decibils

These fringe members of the Christian Charismatic movement of the 80's believe that all forms of worship music that is NOT in the heavy metal format is inherently evil. They have been known to stone to death followers that are caught listening to more traditional worship music such as Jars of ClayStreams In The Desert or anything on WOW. Members of this cult wear their hair long, don black leather and believe the louder, the better....


The West Virginia Mighty Men of Truth Militia

Believe they are defending their rights against an impending U.N. takeover of the world that they have budded the New World Order that is secretly a plot of the Devil and evil Jews. Believe that NYC police cars are painted blue and white so that they won't need to be repainted when the New World Order takes over. They also believe that they are being followed by agents of the Anti-Christ in black helicopters in which fly the members of the NWO. Besides the Bible, they strictly follow an atrociously bad pulp novel called, "The Turner DIarys", written by a member of the American Nazi Party, gleefully details the bloody horror of an impending race war, which starts soon after Congress passes the "Cohen Act"(more evil Jews!), which outlaws gun ownership. But on the good side, they sort of balance out the Nation of Islam.


These deluded beings are lead by a former used car salesman by the name of Caleb Solar. This group seems to be a harmless bunch of misfits that never will get off the ground but they still bear some further investigation. They believe foolishly in a massive flood and are building some type of "Ark" in their backyard.




Adherents to this faith worship a contract player from the DIsney Studios who died in 1968. Even 30 years after his death, Bobby inspires love letters and crowds of weeping, adoring fans at his grave every June 2 (his birthday) and again on September 30th (date of his death) as it seems he had a durable charisma Bobby's greatest starring roles that brought him legions of fans were in two movies produced from Walt Disney Studios, 1946's "Song of the South" and "Peter Pan" in 1953. In "Song of the South" he portrays little Johnny, who lives on his grandmother's plantation. For the film, "Peter Pan" his voice was used and his acted performance in the title role was filmed, then rotoscoped for the animated Peter Pan. His followers believe that the next release of "Song of the South" will unleash a wave of race riots leading to the destruction of the earth as we know it, ushering in a 1000 years of peace and the return of the Messiah (Bobby Driscoll) as fortold in the Book of Revelation. Their worship services include ingestion of various types of speed and heroin and group singing or "Zippity Do Dah" and "I Can Fly!"  



The women that make up this sect are an offshoot of the Charismatic Christian movement but unlike traditional Christians they believe that God is a woman. They believe that God created men on a bad day and will be rectifying that on the Day of Reckoning when She returns to mete out judgment to the righteous and unrighteous alike. They are based out of Seattle and are led by a famous lesbian who has proclaimed that the Goddess will be returning in the form of an American Lesbian (the Second Coming of Christ) and destroying all males as they are the embodiment of evil and hatred, ushering in an era of peace and enlightenment. They spend their time awaiting the return of the Goddess with sky-diving, horseback riding, mountain climbing, cigar smoking and whiskey drinking, any and all methods of male gratification as a means of worshiping the Goddess.



These fringe sect followers believe that their bodies are a Holy Temple of the Lords and believe to eat anything outside of the foods mentioned in the Book of Genesis is a serious sin, punishable by an eternity in Hell. They cite the appearance of chemicals and processed foods as the first eruptions of the Evil One overtaking the earth. They live solely on whole grains and fresh fruit and vegetables and ridicule all that do not follow their diet of denial. Dietarians hail the coming of Olestra and Nutrasweet as the first of the three things that must happen for the earth to end in a firey cataclysm of chemical explosion that they alone will survive.


First colony of the followers of Reverend Moon in outer space. This huge venture took all the profits from the Washington Times newspaper as the costs of building living accommodations on Jupiter are astronomical. Currently they are having a fund-raiser to buy enough space suits so they can hold the first outer-space mass wedding.


Believers in this group think that the Wiccans and others have mistakenly taken the wrong day to celebrate May Day. The followers of the True May Day have their fertility rites and celebrations on the last day of May yearly on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay. Their rituals are a mystery and it seems that only women are members. Their sacred oracle is a Rubic's cube and they have been seen to use grilled cheese sandwiches in their rituals.


These cult members base their believes on the words of Jerry Springer and consider the daily viewing of his talk show as their sacred services. They are assembling their own "Bible" from the Final Words of Jerry on each show. They believe that Jerry is the Hand of God, exposing the truly humble of this world and refer to the guests as "Saints" Be sure to visit the homepage of many of the members and guests by clicking here.