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This contract is one that we require all our new members to sign upon joining our sacred order. It outlines your rights and responsibilities as a member of the Knights of Yahweh.



PART ONE: Obligations of the New Member to the Body of Believers.


Article the First

The new member shall endeavor to provide the Body of Believers with the Joys of physical Pleasure, together with its attendant Release of Tension and healthful Exercise of sundry Muscles, by surrendering his conquered body for the full use of all Believers, upon demand, as practicable, even unto yielding up his/her sleep for this holy purpose. The new member shall also use his/her hands to give relaxing and healthful massage to the Muscles of any other member when this is requested, until his/her hands be wearied. Exception: The Believers shall forbear when the new member be ill.

Article the Second

The new member shall endeavor to provide the Believer with the joys of Mental Pleasure.

1.By respecting, honoring and cherishing Prince Victor Diamond's Masculinity:

2.By keeping his/her body to be the exclusive property and holy grounds of the Knights of Yahweh only or as directed by Prince Victor Diamond.

3.By showing Prince Victor Diamond the homage due a Divine Conqueror and the Risen Christ.

4.By acknowledging his/her subjugation to others.

5. By submitting to the initiation according to the traditions of the Knights of Yahweh and thereafter showing his/her submission by acceptance of any and all decrees, rules or bodily fluids.

PART TWO: Obligations of the Body of Believers to the New Member.

Article the Third

The Body shall endeavor to show appreciation for the devoted service of the new member and gladden his/her heart by:

1. Respecting and cherishing the new members as a valued subject.

2. Being someone the new member can look up to.

3. Protecting the new member from harm, harassment, exploitation and disrespect as they would themselves be accorded.

4. Giving  the new member the favor of the Body's companionship, so that the new member shall not be afflicted with loneliness, if possible sharing pleasures with him/her, conversing with him/her honestly and deeply, and acknowledging such pleasure and satisfaction as he shall feel as a result of the new members devoted service.

5. Favoring the devoted new member with frequent signs of th4 Body's satisfaction, such as the stroking of the new members head or rear-end, holding the new member's head in their laps, covering the new member's body with their own warm presence and frequently blessing the new member with the thrilling touch of the Body's conquering bodies.

6. Honoring the new member by recognizing him/her own member in the presence of the scoffing non-believers.

7. Providing occasional opportunity for the new member to bring himself/herself to a state of Bliss while absorbed in the Presence, Power and Masculinity of Prince Victor Diamond

8. Sharing with the new member such delicacies and delights as the group may obtain.

9. Teaching the new member the various and sundry ways of the world which the new member knows not..

New Members Signature ____________________________