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This is the place where we will be putting the photographs and profiles of our newest members. We are starting with two members that Prince Victor personally wooed away to our Truths....


Candidate #1

Name: Ms. Heather McLeod

Age: 25

Hometown: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgwgwrllgwynlloberllllantysiliogogogoch,Wales, otherwise known as LlanfairG

Attire: Anything that shows off my cleavage. If I have anything it's a great pair of Bristols.

What I did before joining the KoY: I used to be the computer technical advisor over at the Compound for the Divine Order of Faithful Servants till I saw the light of Prince Victor Diamond's Truth.

Role within the KoY:I guess you'd call me the techie or the geek of the group. Show me a computer and I can fix it. But only if I am in the mood, okay? If I'm not in the mood to sort out your problems, you might as well piss off, matey.

How I joined: I was at Big Al's Pet Place one day looking at the new shipment of Hamsters and Rats when this handsome bloke in a purple robe came in. We started talking bout our mutual love of rodents and the different things you could do with them when it was suddenly clear that this bloke was my soul mate. I left Solar and his bunch of tossers without a backwards glance.

Goals and Aspirations in the New World: I wanna be  a better person, someone that sacrifices self for the good of Victor. Yeah, I know it sounds damn stupid, but it's true! Plus I wish to further the field of genetics by breeding a super-hamster.

Thoughts on group life:I guess it's ok, certainly better at the Kellogg mansion that it ever was with the DOoFS. At least there are plenty of bathrooms and hot water here.

Hobbies: LIke I said, give me a computer and I can make it sing, dance and slap your ass for shits and giggles. But I sing too, oh yeah, love kung fu, rats and cooking.



Candidate #2

Name: Annabella Wilgis

Age: 31 and holding

Hometown: Dyersville, Iowa

Attire: I usually only wear some sort of silk dresses in jewel tones, any style that makes men look and look again and I am also quite fond of high heels as well.

What I DId Before Joining: Used to be the worship leader over at the Divine Order of Faithful Servants but that Nicola kept trying to stop me from leading worship.

Role Within The Group: I am the new worship leader of the Knights of Yahweh, lead the humming, pick out the sacred songs to be hummed and occasionally write new worship songs.

How I Joined: One day I snuck out to the mall to get another bottle of "Slick" as I was running out and the only lube that Elizabeth kept at the Compound was a tub of Crisco. As I reached for the last gallon bottle of "Slick" in green apple flavor Prince Victor Diamond did too. We struck up a conversation about the many uses of "Slick" and the best flavors and it dawned on me that he was the New Messiah and I had been blindly following the wrong man over at the DOoFS.

Goals and Aspirations in the New World: Pretty much the same as my goals pre-comet, to be closer to the Lord and do His bidding. Whatever the word of God is handed down via Prince Victor Diamond is I will gladly submit to.

Thoughts on Group Life: So far life in the group is great, far less stressful or barebones as life over at the DOoFS ever was. Victor gives me the freedom to do the things I must do within the contexts of the group that is.....Also this group-style living strongly resembles my stays at various institutions throughout the years.

Hobbies: Taking good care of my appearance, white gloves, baiting Catholics and the occasional stragulation.

Candidates #3 thru 9

Name: Former Members of the Cult, "Need For Speed"

Age: From 12 years old to about 49 years old

Hometown: Daytona Beach, Florida

Attire: Hey, whatever we pull out of our suitcases that smells relatively clean

What we did before joining: We spent our days worshiping God by driving at top speeds on Interstate 4 in Florida, stopping at one of two sacred sites, The Daytona Speedway and the Test Track at Epcot Center.

Role within the group: Test driving all vehicles owned by Prince Victor Diamond to assure that they meet top performance standards and operate at top speeds.

How we joined: We were standing in line to ride the Test Track at Disneyworld Orlando for the 7th time that day so we could worship the Lord and this guy in neat purple pajamas started telling us that the Knights of Yahweh had even faster cars and private roads and if we really wanted to save ourselves we had to join up! So we did!

Goals and Aspirations in the New World: To have our own Daytona Speedway so we can be the closest to the Lord yet!

Thoughts of group life: We love it but then again we are all VERY used to group life since we formed our own group, "Need for Speed" years ago.

Hobbies: Tune-ups, car polishing and oil changes....


Candidate #10

Name: Hawk Martin

Age: 39 and holding fast

Hometown: Oslo, Sweden

Attire: Black leather pants and tight t-shirts most of the time.

What I did before joining: I was a model on the catwalks of Europe. Yeah, used to shake my lil moneymaker on the catwalk.

Role within the group: Advising Prince Victor Diamond on all issues that are fashion related.

How I joined: One day when I was waiting to go on at a fashion show for a house of Chanel several of the more beautiful female models started talking about this really turned on and hip man, how he was the new Messiah and his wisdom suddenly made my life seem meaningless and empty..

Goals and Aspirations in the New World: My goals are the same as they are here in the old world, to be closer to the Lord, serve Prince Victor and to find a mousse for my hair that isn't sticky and a brand of lip gloss that gives me the right shine to my pout!

Thoughts on group life: I love it! It's just like being at a never ending fashion show...

Hobbies: looking in the mirror is my favorite thing to do...


Candidate #11

Name: Harold April

Age: Do I really have to answer this question?

Hometown: Middlesex, England

Attire: Jeans and a t-shirt with band logos on them, white leather clogs

What I did before joining: Astronomer at Jodril Bank and part-time rock guitarist

Role within the group: My position is studying the heavens, same as my job at Jodril Bank, looking for signs that the Holy Comet is near! Plus I play electric guitar in the worship band.

How I joined: I went to a seminar at the Royal Astronomy Guild and heard a smashing American bloke speak about the coming end times. My fellow Astronomers made sport of the chap but I could see he knew the Truth!

Goals and Aspirations in the New World: My goals are similar to what they are now, to be the best Astronomer in the world and to be a bloody good all around fellow.

Thoughts on group life: Well it's just like being in Uni or on the road with my band, mates. I like it.

Hobbies: Building guitars out of old wood and collecting Star Wars toys


WOW! The new members are flooding in! Click here to visit even more profiles of the new members! 

If you wish to join us and have us display your photograph on this page please send all entries to and we will make room for you as well.