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And our ranks swell yet again! More members that love Victor and flute music....These fine candidates joined during Prince Victor Diamonds recruiting drive down in New Orleans, Louisiana during the revels of Mardi Gras.

Candidate #28

Name: Robert Winogradsky

Age: 28 and holding steady

Hometown: Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana

Attire: Whatever outfit my boss requires me to wear but usually my Army boots and a stunning purple lace bustier.

What I did before joining: Working in the Army bomb squad during the day and strutting my stuff at night on the runway of "Boys WIll Be Girls"

Role Within The Group: Teaching the ladies of the KoY the proper dancing moves for true worship time.

How I joined: Working my shift at the strip club, "Boys Will Be Girls" one night and this guy in a purple robe kept shoving ones in my g-string and we starting talking later back at his hotel room.

Goals and aspirations in the New World: To "Be All That I Can Be!"

Thoughts on group life: Nicer than life in the barracks.

Hobbies: Playing with my G.I. Joe doll



Candidates #29 and 30

Names: Speedy  and Muffins

Age: 21 (check those Id's!)

Hometown: East Lansing, Michigan

Attire: Only the grooviest threads man.

What I did before joining: Students at University of New Orleans majoring in mixology

Role within the group: Preparing all holy liquids consumed by the group

How I joined the group: Having hurricanes one night in Pat O'briens and this dude started talking about how badly he missed drinking hurricanes in NY and how he needed an official mixologist for the ENd of the World and he promised us unlimited booze...

Goals and Aspirations In The New World: To mix the worlds largest Hurricane with about 300 straws in it.

THoughts on group life: Better than living in the East Stadium Dorms at UNO.

Hobbies: PUking





Candidate #31

Name: Jolie Thibideaux

Age: Old enough to know better but too young to care

Hometown: Mamou, Louisiana

Attire: Alligator undies and usually my purple silk dress

What I did before joining: Spent my days drinking, spending my  daddys money and worshiping Damballah

Role Within the group: Drinking, spending daddys money and worshiping Prince Victor Diamond

How I joined the group: During Mardi Gras I was trying on silk party dresses at One Canal Place and this intriguing man in a robe told me that the purple was "me" . We ended up having a few Zombies together and he told me about that damn comet.

Goals and Aspirations in the New World: Spending daddys money and worshiping Victor

Thoughts on Group Life: Love it! Its just like a never-ending Krewe of Comus party.

Hobbies: Self-indulgence and jewelry


Candidate #33

Name: Lavina, Queen of the Night

Age: Somewhere between 21 and 60

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana, particularly the Bourbon Street area

Attire: Festive frocks that help me ply my trade

What I did before joining the group: You might say I was in the "entertainment industry" and "personal services" under my "facilitator" Leroy.

Role within the group: Teaching the young women of the group the best methods of self-sacrifice for the pleasure of our leader.

How I joined the group: One night I was out on Bourbon Street in my favorite purple dress  in front of the 25 cent peep-show when this long purple limo pulled up and Prince Victor sought me out. He said he was intrigued by my subtle use of purple eyeshadow.

Goals and Aspirations in the New World: Perfecting my techniques, pleasing Victor and surviving the Comet

Thoughts on Group Life: Suits me just fine, its better than living with Leroy and his other girls. I mean, at least here no one beats with with a coat hanger if I don't earn enough and the work is easier.

Hobbies: I love to watch the stories on daytime tv, that Erica Kane is such a bitch!